Sunday, February 19, 2012

Humus Beings

Our garden spot is silent, or so it appears.  There's a layer of wet leaves and mud on the surface followed by a two or three inch layer of frozen dirt, then below that the soil teems with visible worms and invisible multitudes of bacteria.  Isn't it interesting how something as seemingly insignificant as bacteria is fundamental to life on earth?!  I'm thinking of covering the beds that aren't yet covered up, (the carrot and parsnip beds), to speed up the warming process.  The hoop house film has been shipped and as soon as it arrives we'll enclose several long beds and begin warming them up to plant early greens:  collards, renegade F1 spinach, Italian lacinato kale,  mesclun lettuce, 5 color silverbeet chard, wrinkled, crumpled, crinkled cress, turnips, radishes, etc.  Nature is indeed the perfect host.  The valley spirit never dies.  It is the woman, primal mother.  Her doorway is the root of heaven and earth.  This root runs deep, nourishes, replenishes and yet is like the bacteria, rarely seen yet present and giving.  Surrender yourself humbly to the earth.  Love the earth as your own self.   Nature's a gateway to the eternal, to what  can't be seen, heard or held.  Move with nature and in so doing so care for all things.  "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust..."