Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sitting by the Fire

I've settled into a healthy routine.  Each morning I rise before the sun, drink a press of mate, read holy writ and sit in front of the fire.  I'm reluctant to say that I pray.  Prayer conjures images of the unaware asking for the unforgivable and now that it seems the unaware are in the majority I choose to say I sit.  I sit and quiet my mind, the mind, whose mind?  By the time I've given thought to that, then it's time again to be.  My knees and back tell me when an hour's passed and when they do I rise...slowly and stretch.  An exercise ball and trampoline round out the morning.  I've pulled out the Anti-Aging Manual  and other info on nutrition and reacquainted myself  with the diet that seems to provide the most energy and allows a modicum of magic.  My smoothies tend to be more medicinal than tasty, but as long as I know they're good for me, then I drink them.   When it's Westley's turn to make the smoothie, then we enjoy a taste sensation.  He adds many of the same powerful powders, spices, supplements and vitamin-packed veggies and fruits as I do, yet somehow he manages to make his smoothies palatable?   The chickens require attention.  They get clean water, some scratch and crumbles.  Tucker, the cat, she gets her attention, lap naps, food and grooming, (she's a long-haired cat).  Bill and Westley, Sarah, Allen, Joanie, Rosie and Sam get theirs as well, as do the ravens, pileated wookpeckers, pheasants, horses, facebook friends.  Attention?   We all have it.  We're told to pay it and as a kid I think they told me I had a short one?  Practice makes perfect and it seems my attention span is getting longer.  I seem better able to be aware and react less to what I experience.  Perhaps wisdom is knowing we must learn to accept the things we cannot change and change what we can and knowing the difference.  I'm still self-employed.  I have enJoyed my time off.  I'm reading, the Artist's Way, a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.  I don't really aspire to being an artist in the more commonly understood way-as a writer, painter, etc.  I aspire rather to living/being creative in an every day sort of way.  Maybe it's the same thing?  We're starting to pay attention to this summer's garden.  The seed catalogues are arriving.  We dug up the last parsnips last week.  There's still one bed of sweet carrots in the ground.  I'm starting to look for outside work.  There are opportunities and as long as I adhere to voluntary simplicity, then everything will be fine.  That's my mantra and I'm sticking by it.  It probably won't work out quite like I think it will, but it'll be approximate.  I'm trying to be as happy as I can be and I wish the same to YOU!